T81-558:Applications of Deep Learning:Project Data Files

Heaton Research Data Site

These data sets can be used for class projects in my T81-558: Applications of Deep Learning for projects. These data sets are mostly from UCI and were used to validate my dissertation.

Data Set NameSource
abalone.csv Abalone Data Set
auto-mpg.csv Auto MPG Data Set
bupa.csvLiver Disorders Data Set
covtype.csv Covertype Data Set
crx.csvCredit Approval Data Set
ecoli.csv Ecoli Data Set
feature_eng.csv An Empirical Analysis of Feature Engineering for Predictive Modeling
forestfires.csvForest Fires Data Set
glass.csv Glass Identification Data Set
heart_cleveland.csvHeart Disease Data Set
hepatitis.csv Hepatitis Data Set
horse-colic.csv Horse Colic Data Set
housing.csvBoston Housing Data Set
iris.csvIris Data Set
pima-indians-diabetes.csvDiabetes Data Set
soybean_large.csv Soybean (Large) Data Set
wcbreast_wdbc.csv Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Prognostic)
wcbreast_wpbc.csv Breast Cancer Wisconsin (Diagnostic)
wine.csvWine Quality Data Set
jh-simple-dataset.csvClass Simple Dataset #1 from Jeff Heaton